Speak like a Dairy Farmer

We love our farm and want to share our dairy happy life with you! To follow along, see the following terms:


Lime Truck-  Lime is a “crushed limestone” that is spread onto a field to adjust the pH of the soil for more optimal plant growth. The truck used to spread the lime has a steel bed in that funnels the lime onto a chain that is centrally located within the bed. When the truck engages the chain, the lime is conveyed to the rear of the truck where two turning fan blades distribute it evenly behind the truck.

– Hay Bayler- The Hay Baler is a device that compresses hay that has been mowed and put into rows, and then creates rectangular bales of equal length, width and height.

– Methane Digester- Technology that converts cow manure to into methane gas that is burned as fuel to generate electricity.

– Free Style Barn- A place where animals are allowed to move freely in a large pen with other cows. They also have the choice to lie down in “beds” that are typically located in the center of the pen. These “beds” are made out of sand, shavings, water mattresses or compost.

Rotational GrazingA process whereby livestock are strategically moved to fresh paddocks, or partitioned pasture areas, to allow vegetation in previously grazed pastures to regenerate.

– Holsteins- Animals of a typically black-and-white breed of large dairy cattle.

– Jerseys- Animals of a breed of light brown dairy cattle from Jersey.

– Dry Cows- A cow going through a dry period. The dry period is an important resting period for the dairy cow, where fresh udder tissue is formed in readiness for the lactation, and it provides an important opportunity to rid the udder of many potential pathogens that can cause mastitis.

– Heifer-A young cow that has yet to give birth.

– Calf- The young of domestic cattle.

AI- is the process of collecting sperm cells from a male animal and manually depositing them into the reproductive tract of a female.

TMRthe practice of weighing and blending all feedstuffs into a complete ration which provides adequate nourishment to meet the needs of dairy cows.

Milking Parlor- a specialized are on the dairy farm where the milking process is performed. Cows are brought into the parlor two or three times a day. Parlors come in many types and names, including flat barn, herringbone, parallel, swing, walk-through and rotary.

Silo– A storage facility on farms that is designed to store silage.

Pasteurization- Pasteurization is a simple, effective method to kill harmful pathogens through heat treatment without affecting the taste or nutritional value of milk. Since its introduction over a century ago, pasteurization has been recognized around the world as an essential tool for protecting public health. The process was named after its inventor, French scientist Louis Pasteur.

Raw Milk– milk that has not be pasteurized for consumption.



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